Ensendad, Mexico

What We Do



Olive Tree Children's Ministries was founded as a 501(c)(3) in May of 2002 to provide care to needy children in the Ensenada, Baja Mexico community. Francisco and Elva Camacho are the local missionaries who, with the help of their family, local churches and short term mission groups supplement children and their families with basic needs.


Weekly over 200 children are fed, and provided spiritual and educational guidance. Additionally, clothing, blankets, school materials, food for the families, medical and dental care are distributed by the Camacho Family and short term mission groups who arrive to work with Olive Tree Children's Ministries.


The Ministry is open to all Bible-teaching groups or service clubs and/or organizations who have a desire to serve underprivileged children living in impoverished areas of Ensenada. Many of these children are living in work camps, villages or colonies without daily meals or adequate shelter. Some live in houses without floors, wooden pallets for walls and in some instances, tarps stretched over tree limbs called home.


Groups and/or individuals are welcome to contact Olive Tree Children's Ministries at info@olivetreechildrensministries.org for further information as to how they may contribute to the needs of these children in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico.