Ensendad, Mexico

Get Involved!

Olive Tree Children's Ministries offers opportunity for short term mission groups to travel to Ensenada, Baja Mexico and have a great time with children. Children's programs are always welcome, such as games, cook outs, arts and crafts, Bible Classes, and special outings that can be arranged with missionary Francisco Camacho. The children always like a good old-fashioned festival with lots of games, food, face painting and of course prizes for the winners.

For adults and young adults, there are always construction jobs that need to be started or completed. Many of the homes in the villages need a little TLC or perhaps work on one of the outreach centers. There is always painting to be done, nails to be nailed and sites to be cleaned up.

If you have the privilege of having skilled individuals for medical, dental, or eye care is always needed and can be pre arranged by contacting Francisco ahead of time to get the villages and other necessary parties to assist in this venture. And perhaps a good mechanic is needed for vehicles that may need minor adjustments here and there.