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Ensendad, Mexico

Medical and Dental Team Return

On Monday, March 21, 2011, the final three of a five team medical and dental unit returned from Olive Tree Children’s Ministries in Ensenada Baja, Mexico.  The trip was uneventful as far as any of the fears that many have while traveling into Mexico.  The people were extremely cordial and happy to meet us with whatever assistance was needed.

Our medical and dental team cared for approximately 550 people in four days of working with the Mexican Drs. and Dentists.  A local physician and aides assisted in all phases of the medical and dental care of the children and their families.

One extra and delightful addition was the ability to photograph each and every person and/or family member and give them a family protrait in many instances the first one ever received.

Hygiene Packs, Baby Packs, Food, and Blankets were also distributed to those in need.

Anyone wishing to make arrangements for travel is encouraged to contact Francisco and Elva Camacho for times available and Maggie Hubbard if you have any questions regarding traveling into Mexico and the requirements needed to enter with as much ease and safety as possible.

It is truly a rewarding experience and one that will always be with you.  God Bless those who are praying for the needs of the children and families served by Olive Tree Children’s Ministries.

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