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Ensendad, Mexico

October 2011 Medical, Dental, Construction Team

Again a very successful Medical, Dental, and Construction Team Mission left from Oregon on October 13,2011 and arrived in Mexico on October 15, 2011.  In four days the medical and dental were able to serve approximately 500 people and the construction team worked in two different sights with continuous work on an outright center and the dormitory for future short term mission teams.  Besides the usual medical and dental teams, we added a podiatrist to assist with many feet issues which included diabetes, deformities and other common ailments regarding foot care. We also had glasses available for those needing eye support.

Hygiene packs, baby packs, tee shirts and blankets were given out to many families as well.  And as always the “hot dog brigade” was in full swing.  At one location, the members at the church prepared an authentic Mexican Lunch for everyone.

Following our departure, Francisco advised us that 4 new people came to the Lord in Vista Al Sol, one of the ministries outreach sights.

A wonderful time was had by all.  An invitation is extended to those who might be interested in a short term Mission Adventure to Ensenada, Baja Mexico.  We have found that traveling into this part of Mexico has been safe and uneventful.  For more information, please contact our web site at  Thank you.

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